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The Pamela Irving Studio + Gallery is located at 68 Patterson Road, Bentleigh
(Melbourne, Australia). It’s open nearly every day of the year and everyone is welcome! As Pamela occasionally works offsite, please call 03 9557 2688 before you visit to confirm that the Pamela Irving Studio + Gallery is open.

The body of works in the front gallery space is constantly evolving. It displays works made with a variety of media including prints, paintings and sculptures. Some artworks that you will see if you visit the Pamela Irving Studio + Gallery are not displayed on her website.

Please note that Pamela welcomes both public and private commissions of any size and would be happy to discuss the details/costs with you.

The internal courtyard which has been covered in mosaic bird images and figurines is one of the main attractions within Pamela’s Studio + Gallery. You can check out some images in the gallery section of the website.

If you are particularly interested in mosaics, Patterson Station (on the Frankston Rail Line) is just 100 metres from the Pamela Irving Studio + Gallery. The Patterson Station underpass has 200 square metres of mosaic faces, inspired and overseen by Pamela Irving. It won a “Keep Australia Beautiful Award” in 2012.

Studio Photo